“Perception is reality to the
one in the experience.”

We provide psychotherapy and counseling services to adults, couples and families who are seeking support and empowerment for establishing emotional wellness.

Modern Therapy Now, LLC is conveniently located in the Brookhaven area of Atlanta, Ga Offering psychotherapy and counseling services to individuals, couples and families, MTN seeks to lead its clients into a state of wholeness, progressiveness and of course total wellness. Together, client and therapist cultivate a non judgmental space where we give ourselves grace and understanding through our growth.

Utilizing integrative clinical approaches inclusive of but not limited to: cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, rational-emotive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theories; our clinicians help clients heal and learn how to take full ownership of their space in their relationships, families, careers and the larger world

Life often times has no clear balance or order.

It ebbs and flows on its own accord just like the ocean’s waves. There are things happening around us that feel just like those waves. They take us along for the ride, pulling us backward at times (an ebb) and then forward at others (a flow). We tend to internalize our ebbs as if we are innately defective and the source of all problems and discomfort in our lives. We think this mainly because of our own inner turbulence and the invalidation that exists in our world. We take the rough currents and make it our issue. But when we heal and recognize that the things that have happened to us in our past or present was life happening and not a byproduct of our own doing, we free ourselves to take hold of what we can manifest for ourselves.

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Therapy services for those who are experiencing a wide variety of issues, including anxiety and depression, or other mental illness.